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You are here because you want to make conscious changes to improve your health and wellbeing holistically.


I am here to facilitate your journey in:

  • want to feel more grounded

  • needing a self care routine

  • want more meaningful relationships

  • deal with your mood swing

  • wanting more self love

  • feeling a bit stuck in life, and don’t know how to move forward

  • making adjustment to different life stages

  • want to be happy, find joy and feeling loved

  • want to break old habits

  • feeling more self acceptance

  • improve physical wellbeing

  • want to learn some tools to deal with uncertainty

  • stress relief

  • want greater clarity in thinking

  • feeling calm 

  • getting better sleep… and many more.


I have been on the receiving end of holistic care for years, trying different conventional and alternative modalities to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, anaphylaxis shock and many other physical aliments. Through my own journey I learnt that the path of healing is not linear, all the work has to be done from firstly starting to look at ourselves from the inside out, and this journey was made possible by all the supports from the amazing practitioners, teachers and healers I have encountered along the way.  


I found myself talking to everyone I met during my travels on how meditation, yoga, flower essence and healing sessions have helped me realigned myself again and again, and I have often taught people how to do simple meditations during my trips. The feedback from the others gave me the courage to step into being a teacher myself, and I am ready to give back.


I am feeling very inspired by the studies I have done in my trainings in the Chopra Centre, the International BodyTalk Association, and YogaUp. 


I could help you to establish a daily health and wellbeing routine, beginning from using breath work (Pranayama), together with physical movement (Yoga), and starts you on a journey in self re-discovery through meditation. BodyTalk sessions could help you to re-establish communications within your body-mind complex, removing any filters to promote wellbeing, Lymphatic Drainage technique is very useful for getting your lymphatic system back into its optimal functions, great for detoxing, improving immunity and circulation, and Flower Essence Therapy is especially helpful with improving emotional wellbeing.


I am passionate about you learning new tools to reconnect with yourself. I offer a holistic approach to facilitate your journey at your own pace. 


Throughout the journey, we might also utilise BodyTalk, Lymphatic Drainage Technique or Flower Essence Therapy to help to shifts some old belief systems, provide some support on emotional wellbeing, and connect with your body’s innate ability to heal and balance itself in all levels.

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